HBN 006 - Social Media, Social Selling, & Human Business

February 21, 2017

On Episode 006 of The Human Business Narrative I chatted with Koka Sexton from Hootsuite and formerly of LinkedIn. We discussed topics such as importance of social media, social selling for lead generation, and of course human business. 


Koka Sexton is a recognized social media marketing expert in the technology industry. He brings over 10+ years of business and sales experience with a strong passion for social media marketing. The social media evolution is a topic that he heavily promotes on a global level and through speaking engagements.


These are some of the major takeaways that you should take note of from this episode.

  • A website is essential in 20th century.
  • If your brand does not have social media presence and activity than it's non-existent. Social media is a business-related function.
  • Companies are finally putting forth time, money, and training into social media.
  • Social media curriculum are forming based on market needs and necessities.
  • The rise of account based marketing and account based sales through social media.
  • An active salesforce on social media networks is helping companies build their pipeline and business results.
  • Employee advocacy and social media usage contributes to finding the right talent and better retention.
  • Companies should focus on humanizing their brand and using social media as a companion, resource, and tool to do so.
  • You can't succeed in any way, shape, or form without visibility and accomplishments. Social media plays an intricate role in development of visibility, awareness, and interest on social media platforms. Visibility creates opportunity.
  • Most people switch jobs every 2-3 years these days because of strategic purpose and skill development.
  • As a newcomer into social media, review your social media profiles and ensure that it's properly optimized and consistent with your brand. Determine what specifically you want to be known for in the marketplace.
  • Everything that you do online should be adding value to others in some extent. Focus on development of interest, awareness, and engagement with others.
  • Short form content such as blog posts, podcasts, etc. rather than long form which includes writing books may become quickly irrelevant.
  • Sales people need to be more heavily involved in the social media space and particularly using it strategically to prospect and engage for new business opportunities.
  • Experienced social media professionals should be finding opportunities such as The Human Business Narrative Podcast to share their experience, knowledge, and offer insight.
  • Always focus on providing value to others that would help them solve problems.
  • In appointment setting environments, first show value of extensive proportion before asking for a meeting.


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