HBN 010 - Today’s Social Media World & Human Business

June 17, 2017

On Episode 10 of The Human Business Narrative Podcast I got to chat with Jessika Philips. A top 12 global rising star in social media. Forbes Agency Council member. Founder of Magnet Marketers and The Relationship Marketing System. Also, a President of NOW Marketing Group which she found in 2010 with nothing more than laptop and a vision.


These are some of the major takeaways that you should take note of from this episode:


  • In the experience day and age we live in it's important to truly understand the people that you want to do business with.
  • Lead with kindness and idea to help other people succeed.
  • Technology is not replacing human interaction but rather supporting it.
  • Human centricity in business can in part be an internal component within your company by personalizing things.
  • Companies should strive for development of cohesive experiences like Disney. By the year 2020 experience will trump over price in the decision making process.
  • Human business is the wave of the future and creating better human experiences is what companies need to be focusing on.


The Biz Grind YouTube Show is a daily vlog where I talk about whatever but mostly a snapshot of my day-to-day shenanigans and a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, business, or marketing. It is also a way for me to emphasize upon personal branding, building character, personality, and interest with other like-minded individuals.


  • http://www.jessikaphilips.com 
  • 5 Essentials for Strategic Human Marketing - http://bit.ly/humanbusiness
  • FREE Marketing & Business Analysis - https://www.razorsharpdigital.com
  • Entrepreneurship: 1 Year All In, Wins & Challenges, & Glamour - https://medium.com/@ivan_temelkov/entrepreneurship-1-year-all-in-wins-challenges-glamour-492685e0e5d1


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