HBN 009 - Human Marketing & Human Centricity with Bryan Kramer

June 8, 2017

In Episode 009 I got to jam with the "Zen of Marketing" as labeled by Forbes, Mr. Bryan Kramer. He is also a TEDtalk Keynote Speaker, Author of Shareology and Human to Human, as well as the CEO of a company called Pure Matter.


These are some of the major takeaways that you should take note of from this episode:


  • Business has always been human-to-human. We do business with humans and companies seem to forget that quite often.
  • Companies need to focus on humanizing experiences.
  • What marketing was 10 years ago, today, and next 1-3 years will be completely different. However, at the epic center of it all are human experiences. AI, AR, VR will change those human experiences.
  • Human touch is essential to everything. Including business and marketing. Technology will not supplement the human touch but rather strengthen it.
  • Experiences such as Disney are things we remember as humans. Companies and brands need to focus on establishing such experiences with their customers.
  • Losing a client is a hard pill to swallow. Getting a new one is much harder than retaining an existing one. You lose an opportunity but to retain the client focus on engagement with them and create unique experiences.
  • Being human is quite fundamental. Everyone, including B2B and B2C should have access to the customer. Brands should be engaging with a customer more often and enforce a more 360 experience.
  • Customer service is in essence the new form or marketing.
  • Social media allows for a more human experience. Something that brands really need to pay stronger attention to and recognize of importance.
  • Attention and superior time for people should be more seamless rather than shutting them off. Think the Disney experience.
  • Delivering a better human experience can be one of the biggest marketing assets for companies.


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